Biomass Wood Chip Fuel & Kiln Dried Premium Firewood

About Us

Chip Chip Ltd was set up specifically to provide consistent, virgin high quality, dry and contaminant free wood fuel for biomass boilers in the UK

Chip Chip is a consistent quality, high calorific wood chip fuel specifically produced to get the highest possible performance from biomass boilers.

From our own depots across the UK, the company sells only sustainable, traceable, high quality dried wood fuel that conforms to the stringent rules set out by the Biomass Suppliers List and The Green Dragon Environmental Management Standard – Level 4.

Chip Chip wood fuel is tested monthly at a UKAS Accreditation Centre for particulate size, fines content and moisture content. Additionally, daily checks are undertaken in-house via the company’s own Quality Assurance Scheme.

By chipping its own wood, Chip Chip ensures product consistency. Experience has proven that particulate size cannot be guaranteed by a third party chipper. The wood is chipped when wet to BS EN 14961, then dried to the moisture content as required.

High performance biomass boilers are only as good as the fuel they burn. Anything other than virgin wood with no more than 25% moisture content will have a negative impact on the kWh output and RHI payments. Chip Chip produces 25% moisture content (+/- 2%) to ensure the fuel burns cleanly and efficiently and results in higher kWh output and higher calorific value per tonne. Wood chip with little or no moisture content burn too rapidly. Wood chip with more than the recommended moisture content reduces the power output and causes excessive tarring, ash production and emissions.

Chip Chip currently have 10 locations around the UK, and growing.  So whatever the location or volume demand they are able to meet client needs quickly and efficiently.


Chip Chip force dried wood chip is a great value sustainable form of heating fuel for buildings of all sizes. There is a common misconception that cutting down a tree is not good for the environment. Here at Chip Chip we have an ethical planting policy in place. We ensure that all the wood purchased from our supply chain comes from properly managed woodlands that comply with the Forestry Commission Standard for managing woodlands. That means for every tree that gets cut down for our wood chip production many more get replanted. These new growing trees absorb more carbon than mature trees. Only 2% of these managed forests are harvested in any one year, leaving 98% to absorb the carbon released.
Improve Performance Reduce Cost
Our Wood Chip is the Best Return on Investment
We have a Ethical Tree Plantig Policy

Senior Management

Mary Sweere – CEO

Mary brings to the table a decade of experience in management consulting for AT&T, US West and later with Deloitte Consulting focused on strategy and financial processes as well as 5 years in Private Equity.  Throughout her career, Mary has been instrumental in setting up the underlying systems and controls for effective running of the businesses.  During the most recent 5 years, Mary was part of a team that set up a Private Equity boutique, acting as COO. She is now able to use these skills to lead Chip Chip in operations as well as securing equity and debt financing in order to roll out further operations. Mary is responsible for securing and managing the long term wood contract (on take agreement) for the business as well as the overall strategy for the direction of the company, guiding an ever-growing team and client base.  Along with her experience, Mary has a BA in Economics as well as an advanced degree MIA in Macro Economics from Columbia University.

Fergal Murtagh – Managing Director of Strong Energy

Fergal runs the market leading biomass boiler supplier and installer Strong Energy. Through subsidiary company Wood Energy, the Group has over 150Mw of installed boiler capacity in the UK market. Strong Energy owns the exclusive UK distribution rights for Hargassner and Binder boilers. The Strong Energy team work closely with Chip Chip in delivering service and maintenance contracts and in providing a sales channel to sell woodchip to their existing customer base.

Fergal previously worked for the Kingspan Group in numerous roles, holds a B.Comm degree from University College Dublin and a Masters in Business Studies from the Smurfit Graduate Business School in Dublin.


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