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Beat the RHI Changes – there is still time!

There is still time to get a wood chip biomass boiler installed on the current RHI tariffs.
We have now learned from the Government that the implementation of the remaining 2016 RHI reform will be further delayed. The RHI regulations are now in a Cabinet Office-led process to prioritise and manage all Statutory Instruments. As part of the legal process, it was hoped that the regulations could avoid going through the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments (JCSI), as this would delay the process by a month. However, BEIS is required to go back again through a process of pre-legislative scrutiny by the JCSI. They are now aiming to get the RHI regulations to the JCSI by end November/early December, which is the earliest they can start on them, and then (subject to their clearance) to be able to lay the RHI regulations early in the new year, followed by the 6-8 weeks period for debates. This means that the regulations would be implemented in March 2018.
Below is an overview of the RHI reforms to clarify the various changes that will be or already have been implemented (see chart below)
Don’t delay, order your boiler by end of November latest to ensure you receive the RHI payments.
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Beat the RHI Reforms

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