Biomass Wood Chip Fuel & Kiln Dried Premium Firewood

Defining Quality Woodchip

What are the most important elements in wood chip

  • The high moisture content of the woodchip – wood chip that is low in moisture has a significantly higher calorific value
  • The actual woodchip specification, virgin vs waste – virgin woodchip does not have contaminants, therefore burns significantly more efficiently and cleaner
  • The amount of contaminants in the chip – wood without contaminants burns cleaner
  • The sizing of the chip – a consistent size of chip produces a consistent burn across the fuel supplied and is therefore more efficient
  • The level of power output – low moisture fuel burns more efficiently, therefore requires substantially less electricity
  • The efficient running of drive chains, augers and burn grates – with efficient burning, the stress on the boiler is reduced, thus there is less stress on the boiler elements and equipment
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