Biomass Wood Chip Fuel & Kiln Dried Premium Firewood

Generate your own heat and power from wood chip

Generate your own heat and power from wood fuel: save, earn and reduce your carbon footprint. Our sister company Wood Energy in partnership with Binder GmbH have developed a range of CHP systems using either ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) technology utilising HTHW, Hot clean gas or thermal oil and Screw Expanders, utilising steam or low temperature hot water which have the following advantages:
● High Return on Investment
● High efficiency electrical generator producing up to circa 18% electrical output
● Safe environmentally friendly working fluid
● Simple operating procedure ● Automatic and continuous operation
● Simple maintenance procedure
● No operator attendance required (except steam boilers which requires 72hr attendance)
● Long Plant Life (20 years +) complete with 20 year guarantees
● No specialist water treatment required (except steam)
● Operates using standard fuels to EN41961 and doesn’t require specialised, difficult to obtain fuels
Biomass Chp

Businesses are continually searching for technologies to help them improve efficiencies, save money, or even earn money

Over the past few years, the biomass industry has grown significantly. The commercial sector has embraced this technology and has already received billions of pounds through incentives. Until recently, most biomass systems have only produced heat. Wood Energy have now launched their combined heat and power units, which not only produce heat, but also generates electricity using the same wood fuel. The biomass industry is now well established market in the UK and there are many biofuel companies providing a consistent supply of quality wood fuel; including ourselves Chip Chip Ltd see
Biomass heating has now became popular in the UK, and biomass CHP is also rapidly gaining traction. Biomass CHP has been available across Europe for a number of years and is a well-established technology. Business across the UK are installing biomass CHP units to provide heat and electricity to reduce their bills, generate significant income from the incentives and reduce the amount of CO2 they produce. With Carbon taxes already in place, business owners are rushing to take advantage of the incentives at their peak to maximise their returns, and avoid paying even more significant carbon tax bills in the future.
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