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A national company with a local depot on your door step ready to deliver.
Chip Chip currently have locations strategically located around the UK, and growing. So whatever the location or volume demand we are able to meet client needs quickly and efficiently.
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So why 20% moisture content from Chip Chip?

18–22% is the optimum amount of moisture content required in wood chip to ensure the fuel burns cleanly and efficiently.
It is also the optimum price balance when calculated by the kWhr – which is the true fuel cost measure.
Biomass boilers are generally designed to work to these tolerances to maximise the RHI and to adhere to the clean air act. Those that aren’t will also see improvement in performance levels.
Wood chip with little or no moisture content burn too rapidly. Wood chip with more than the recommended moisture content reduces the power output and causes excessive tarring, ash production and emissions.

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