Biomass Wood Chip Fuel & Kiln Dried Premium Firewood

A biomass and fuel solution to suit your needs.

Here at Chip Chip we can help you in choosing the best biomass solution to suit your needs. Here is an example of a double decker solution where the client had some space restrictions. So the fuel store simply went on top. This is a Green Heat Module installed by the leading UK biomass installer Wood Energy Ltd.
Always thinking outside the box.

Double decker

Chip Chip new walking floor trailers

Less Fuel – More Energy – Increased RHI Payments- Your Local Wood Chip Fuel supplier

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Chip Chip premium wood chip has been processed to maximise the energy output, we remove the fine particles and dry the chip to 20% moisture content to provide the optimum amount of energy (kWh) per tonne for your Biomass system.
Our low moisture content chip will significantly improve the efficiency of your biomass system and will also help to reduce maintenance costs too.

Biomass Wood Chip Fuel – force dried to 20% moisture content.

The key to biomass boiler efficiency

Less fuel. More output (kWh). Higher RHI payments.

Chip Chip is a consistent quality, high calorific wood chip fuel specifically produced to get the highest possible performance from biomass boilers. Dried to the highest specification to provide the maximum kWh per tonne, Chip Chip ensures that a customer’s boiler achieves optimum energy efficiency and payback.

Still thinking about biomass? Act now.

There’s still time to install a wood chip biomass boiler and receive RHI payments.
We are happy to hold your hand and talk you through the process. Together with our boiler installer partner Wood Energy we can recommend a boiler to suit your needs.
Once you have your boiler installed we can then help you with your long term fuel requirements with our premium wood chip biomass fuel.
Please just call our central sales line 03301 232014 or
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New customer November heat on promotion of wood chip biomass fuel

Here at Chip Chip we are offering 15% of your first order for new customers that order during the month of November.
We can deliver to most parts of England and Wales within 72 hours of receiving your order. To get your discounted price please click on the link and we will get straight back to you.



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The cold weather is coming – stock up now!!
By purchasing Chip Chip wood fuel means you have

  • 4000kWh per tonne @ 20% moisture
  • guaranteed 20% moisture content, (+/- 2%)
  • no foreign contaminants or dust (fines)
  • less fuel consumption per annum – saving money as less fuel is purchased
  • higher calorific output – means more energy generated
  • improved boiler efficiency – 20% moisture content fuel means boilers run at constant optimum efficiency
  • maximised RHI returns
  • greatly reduced service and maintenance costs reduced downtime

Chip Chip only supply force dried premium wood chip at 20% moisture content.
The lower the moisture content, the higher the calorific value. 20% moisture content is proven to be the best ratio when comparing cost versus performance. If you fuel your boiler with wood that is high in moisture content or has a varying moisture content, is contaminated or of an inconsistent particulate size you will not get the best out of your boiler and you could receive an unwanted repair bill!  Put simply, the wetter the fuel the less energy can be extracted from the wood so more needs to be purchased and used. Therefore pushing your fuel bill up and risking additional unforeseen costs. Furthermore, you may not be meeting the requirements of your RHI obligations and you may risk losing your payments altogether by using fuel wetter than your Emissions Certificate allows.
Don’t take any risks with the performance of your boiler.
Our product is quality controlled in line with BSL and the Green Dragon Environmental Standards and each load is batch tested to ensure consistency.
Supplied by our own UK network of depots ensuring local deliveries and short lead times.


Team Chip Chip. Training day at head office in Shrewsbury. All set for heat on season

Its all systems go at Chip Chip. National team meeting at our Shrewsbury head office. All our depot staff and head office staff get together for training.  Chip Chip have 10 depots operational with a further 2 planned to be opened this year. We are the leading provider of force dried premium wood chip at 20% moisture content, helping customers get better performance from their boilers.
Team chip chip

Our newly launched walking floor Chip Chip trailer.

Look out for our newly launched trailer design on the roads and motorways of the UK.
We now have 11 depots strategically located around the UK so no matter where your based we should be able to offer you a competitive price.
For all your heat on season requirements for wood chip please give us a call.
Tel: 0330 1232014 or email:

Biomass Heating Feasibility

Getting the right biomass heating system is about much more than just choosing a good quality boiler. Naturally, it requires a thorough understanding of biomass heating technology, as well as general heating and plumbing systems.
Ultimately though, the solution needs to make good economic sense for the client and this often means striking a delicate balance between energy demand, project costs, fuel costs and incentives. While replacing all existing boilers with biomass heating alternatives is perfectly possible, it is not always the optimal solution and there are some situations where a biomass heating system just doesn’t make good financial sense.
Hotel Biomass Boiler

Larger, more complex projects, in particular, frequently lead with biomass heating but retain fossil fuel boilers as a back- up during demand peaks because it makes practical and financial sense to do so.

When choosing a biomass heating system, it is important that you make sure that your provider explains the economics to you in detail so you are confident that, as well as getting the right technology, in the right place, that the numbers stack up for  you.

Regardless of the size and nature of a biomass heating project, our technical experts undertake a thorough feasibility of each site. They need to consider a number of parameters in order to make the right system recommendation.

These include:

  • Understanding your current heating and plumbing system
  • Understanding your heat demand at different periods throughout the year
  • Understanding your current energy costs
  • Determining whether your heat demand is best met by 100% biomass heating or by biomass heating as part of a broader solution
  • Defining how the biomass heating boiler will work with and communicate with your heating system, particularly where there are back-up fossil fuel boilers on site
  • Understanding how much control or interaction you want with the system
  • Accommodating any future building developments you may be considering

At Chip Chip Ltd we work with our sister company Wood Energy on the design and installation a biomass boiler to suit your needs.

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