Biomass Wood Chip Fuel & Kiln Dried Premium Firewood

Farmers Lung- The danger of wood chip containing high moisture content

Unless wood chips are reasonably dry, typically less than 30% moisture content, they may degrade in storage. Microbial activity can lead to piles of wood chips generating heat as they decompose. The loss of calorific value via decomposition has been measured at 1% per month. Under the right conditions fungal spores will develop in the chip pile and these spores will be released when the pile is disturbed; if inhaled they can cause an incurable disease commonly known as ‘farmers lung’. To avoid the formation of spores moist or wet wood chip should be stored for as short a period as possible, and should be used within 1 month of being chipped.
Chip Chip only supply wood chip containing 20% moisture content that is quality assured.
The dangers associated with farmers lung is one of the many pitfalls of purchasing wood chip containing high moisture content.

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